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How to Deal with an Undermining Team Member  

Propose Solid Ideas

One way to combat the efforts of an undermining team member in the workplace is to ensure that your proposed ideas and job-related concepts are top notch. If you have a good idea, no matter how hard another coworker may try they will be unlikely to undermine an individual in their efforts to succeed at work. In order for an individual to be undermined, there must be something which the undermining coworker can target. Therefore, proposing solid ideas and concepts related to the job will provide a good deterrent against the undermining team member.

Present Ideas to Other Coworkers

Another way to deal with an undermining team member is to present your ideas to other coworkers. This can be done either in the presence of the undermining team member or in their absence. If the individual is able to work with others and not have to deal with the undermining individual, this may be a wise move. Otherwise, simply make your ideas known to the group and allow the group to decide which concept to go with.

Speak with the Undermining Team Member

It some cases may become necessary to bring your concerns to the attention of the individual who is causing trouble. If the actions of the undermining team member becomes disruptive, it is important to speak about the issue and express concerns relating to such. The undermining team member will either listen or walk away. If the undermining team member refuses to listen to your complaints with regard to their behavior, talk to your supervisor. Many employees would perhaps like to forego talking to the manager or employer about a situation such as this. However, if it is causing discord in the workplace and preventing you from getting their work done it might be a necessary thing to do.

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