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How to Ask for and Get a Raise  

Office etiquette is a concept which many people feel unsure about. Most individuals know that there are certain ways to act around the office and one’s boss, yet they may not know about the more specific details relating to office etiquette. One issue which arises quite often with regard to office etiquette is asking an employer for a raise. For those who wish to learn more about this topic, the following will highlight ways to ask for a raise and possibly get it as well.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Employer

Asking for a raise is something which should not be done while getting some coffee in the office kitchen. Since this is a sensitive topic, it is important that this task is carried out in a professional, proper manner. When hoping to ask your employer for a raise and actually raise the odds of obtaining the raise, schedule an appointment with the employer at a time which is most convenient for the employer. Make sure to allow enough time to thoroughly discuss the topic of a raise and have the employer’s secretary schedule an appointment with them.

Be Prepared to Tell the Employer Why You Deserve a Raise

It is crucial that when a you have a meeting with an employer for the sole purpose of asking for a raise that you have an outline ready as to why they deserve a raise. Do not go into the appointment and ask for a raise without providing concrete reasons as to why you deserve the raise. Prepare an outline or notes that lists your accomplishments and all of the beneficial things you have done for the company. Be sure to review the outline before the meeting and do not bring the outline into the room as this important topic should not be one which appears rehearsed in nature.

Focus on Business Not Emotions

Keep the conservation relating to obtaining a raise as businesslike as possible. Go into the appointment with facts about what you have contributed and will continue to contribute to the company. Do not try to get a raise by telling the boss about your family’s current financial situation or how they have to pay for medical bills, college for the kids, etc. It is crucial to address the meeting as business while keeping emotional aspects out of the conversation. An employer wants to award raises based on merit, not on your current financial situation.

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