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How to Deal with an Over Demanding Boss

Bosses and managers have different managing styles. Some are jovial and lenient whereas others are demanding and strict. For those who have a demanding and strict boss, they may wonder what the best way is to deal with an over demanding boss. There are a few ways to go about pleasing one’s boss without having to sacrifice integrity or pride while doing so.

Evaluate the Demands

The first thing an employee needs to do with regard to taming an over demanding boss is to evaluate the demands which are put upon them. It is important to look at the demands and see whether they are unrealistic in nature. By evaluating the demands, you will be better prepared to take the next step which deals with accepting the work.

Consider the Workload

Once the demands have been evaluated, the next step is to consider your current workload and see if they are able to complete the given job in a timely fashion which will yield the highest quality work. No boss wants poor quality work. If you are unable to complete the work in an adequate manner and time, it is important to discuss this with your boss.

Speak with the Boss

Prior to speaking with the boss, it is important to consider the type of individual he/she may be. If bringing up the topic of excessive workload might cause you to be fired, it is best to try another way. However, if the boss is demanding yet fair, it might be beneficial to speak with them about the project and discuss the ramifications of completing the project in a speedy manner, such as less than adequate results.

Find a Way to Get It Done

If speaking with the boss with regard to their demands and employee workload is not a possibility, the other option is to find a way to get the work done. Look at your current workload and reorganize your work schedule. See which jobs can be put off until the highest priority job issued by the boss has been completed. Reorganizing your work schedule will help you to meet all of the boss’ demands without having to speak with the employer and possibly risk their job by doing so.

An over demanding boss is not a rare occurrence. There are many individuals in the workforce today who find themselves having to deal with an over demanding boss on a daily basis. By reviewing the aforementioned tips, one may find that one or more of these hints will work wonders when it comes to taming the beast which is the over demanding boss.

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