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An article from Rebecca J. Hulem, RN, RNP, Certified Menopause Clinician…


"Thank you for calling the Weight Loss Hotline. If you would like to lose a half pound right now, press 1 eighteen thousand times."
Randy Glasbergen

Have you noticed that in the start of every year, you get besieged by weight loss and gym membership ads? Well, in January, it's "that time of year again" when the billion dollar a year weight loss and health club industry are anxiously awaiting your phone call. Studies have shown that over 90% of people who desire a new start in a new year have "lose weight and exercise" at the top of their list.

Women in menopause are no exception. In fact, when most women transition through menopause, they are very disappointed to discover two things:

  • The scale shows a bigger number
  • The extra pounds seem to be accumulating around their middle

Two questions you may be asking yourself are:

  • Why is this happening?
  • What can I do about it?

There are many explanations for this phenomenon but, before you grab your purse and pull out your credit card, I would like to give you a few thoughts to ponder.

  • Weight loss still requires that you burn more calories each day than you take in.
  • Maximum health in midlife requires a food plan that includes a variety of food choices. This will insure you are taking in the proper nutrients to feed every cell in your body.
  • Daily exercise has far more benefits than just weight loss.

With this in mind four final questions to ask when choosing a weight loss program are:

  • Are there a variety of food choices to prevent boredom?
  • Does this eating plan include the nutrients my body needs each day?
  • Can I follow this plan long term?
  • Is support available to help me stay on track?
  • For additional information regarding weight gain, weight loss, and proper exercise during midlife; check out the chapters "Weight No More", "No Bones About It", and "Let's Get to the Heart of the Matter" in my book, "Feelin' Hot?" This book and further information are available on my website at

Rebecca J. Hulem has 28 years experience in the medical community and is the author of Feelin' Hot and contributing author to two additional books. To sign up for her free menopause newsletter or for further information, please refer to her website at


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