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Winery Tours

There are a number of wonderful activities which relate to the topic of wine. Some of these include wine parties, wine tastings and winery tours. Winery tours are activities in which the participants tour the winery, view the winemaking process and sample wines which are made on the premises of the winery. Winery tours are a great way to learn about wine and indulge in a favored pastime.

What Takes Place on a Winery Tour?

Most winery tours include different wine-related activities, all which are interesting in their own right. When an individual arrives at the winery they are greeted and taken on the actual tour. The winery tour will take them through the winemaking process and may even provide them with a glimpse of the vineyards where the grapes are growing. The individual giving the tour will describe different varieties of wines and show the attendees how each type of wine is made as well as how the processes differ amongst wine varieties.

Once the winemaking tour is completed, most wineries will invite the attendees back to the main building to sample some of the wines produced on the property. This may be brief or in-depth, depending on the winery, and some wineries may even offer hors d’oeuvres during the tasting. Once the wine sampling is complete the attendees will be able to purchase various types of wines and wine accessories which are offered for sale to the public.

Price of Winery Tours

There is another great reason to take part in winery tours besides the fact that they are entertaining and that is because many wineries offer free tours. Although some wineries may charge for tours which they give to the general public, this is usually only when they offer something in addition to the tour and wine samples. Wineries like to offer free tours as it brings the public to their winery and ends with many visitors purchasing one or more bottles of wine. It is a way to bring in customers and offer them something good in return for their patronage.

Added Extras with Winery Tours

Some individuals may find that the wineries which they are going to visit may offer more than just a tour and sampling session. Many wineries like to entertain the public in other ways and will have musicians and meal options available. This makes the day even more fulfilling if one attends a winery that not only provides a tour with wine tasting to the visitors but engages them to stay longer by having live music and delicious entrees available for purchase. Wineries which offer full service options such as these are sure to see a good crowd, especially on the weekends when individuals have time to spare and are looking to have a great time with wine as the central theme.

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