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Throwing a Wine Tasting Party

Wine tastings are wonderful events to attend. Although many wine tastings are held at vineyards and wineries, there is a simple way to bring this type of event right to one’s home. Throwing a wine tasting party is a great way to bring friends or family members together and have a fun wine tasting experience. There are a few steps one should follow when having a wine tasting party and these will be highlighted below.

Choose the Wines

The wines which are selected for the party should be ones that are similar in variety and price. For example, if one is interested in having red wine for the tasting, they should either select one type of red from various wine regions or choose various types of reds from one single wine region. It is also important to select wines that are in the same general price range. This will ensure that the wines being tasted are on a level playing field.

Items for the Wine Tasting Party

The host/hostess of the wine tasting party should set up for the event by ensuring that they have enough glasses, paper and pens, bread for in between tastings and food for after the tasting has been completed. The food selection for after the wine tasting can be various hors devours or a complete meal, depending upon the desire of the host/hostess.

Obtain Information on the Various Wines

It is also important for the host/hostess of the wine tasting party to become knowledgeable with regard to the various wines that they will be serving. This will allow the individual to speak intelligently about the selections and answer any questions that the guests may have with regard to the wines.

Agenda of the Wine Tasting Party

As for the agenda of the wine tasting party, the host/hostess will greet everyone when they arrive and should get the wine tasting started once everyone is present. Each individual will be given a single glass for each type of wine. Therefore, if the host/hostess is providing five different bottles to taste, then each individual should have five glasses in front of them. Moving from the individual’s left side to right side, the glasses will be number consecutively. Each bottle of wine should have their labels covered yet have a number from one to five written on the bottle.

The host/hostess will pour the first type of wine and then talk a little bit about it without giving away the name (this will be done afterwards). In between wine tastings, the participants should drink some water and eat a small piece of bread so that they may cleanse their palates and ready themselves for the next variety. While tasting, the guests will mark down their thoughts on each type of wine. When all wines have been tasted, the host/hostess and guests will sit down and talk about each wine in detail. It is at this point where the labels of the wine bottles are revealed. After discussion, the food will be served and wine will be consumed leisurely.

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