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How to Prepare a Wine Gift Basket

There are many wonderful gifts which one can give that relate to wine. For those who wish to prepare a special wine arrangement on their own, a wine gift basket is the perfect gift for many special occasions. The following will provide a basic way to prepare a wine gift basket which is simple yet elegant. This is just a guideline to follow and the preparer of the gift basket can alter the types of items within the basket as he or she sees fit.

Choose a Basket

The first step to preparing a wine gift basket is choosing the perfect basket for the occasion. There are many different basket materials which one can choose from when preparing a gift basket. One can use wicker, metal or any other type of gift basket material. It is important to consider other factors such as size and shape of the basket which will determine how everything gets situated within the basket and how many items can be put into the gift basket.

Purchase Wine for the Basket

When selecting the wine for the gift basket, it is important to consider the gift recipient and their particular wine tastes. If the gift is for someone who only drinks red wine, be sure to just include this type of wine within the basket yet mix and match red wine varieties such as Merlot, Shiraz, etc. If the individual whom the gift is for only drinks white wine, be sure to select white wines for that person. Lastly, if one likes wine of all varieties, it might be the best bet to choose both reds and whites to fill the basket.

Include Wine Accessories

One should be certain to include more items within the wine gift basket than just bottles of wine. Wine accessories are also a really nice touch within gift baskets and the gift giver has a lot of options to choose from with regard to this category. Some possible items to include within the basket are wine glasses, wine bottle openers, wine charms, books on wine and a wine foil cutter. This is a great way to really make the wine gift basket that much more spectacular.

Dress Up the Basket with a Bow or Colored Cellophane

Once all of the gifts have been chosen and placed within the basket, it is then time to complete the look of the wine gift basket. The best types of finishing touches for a wine gift basket are either a nice big bow or colored cellophane with a bow on top. The bow adds a nice overall look whereas the cellophane does the same thing as well as keeping everything in place within the basket.

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