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Wine Tasting 101

Wine tasting is a wonderful pastime for occasional wine drinkers and wine enthusiasts alike. Whether one is hosting a wine tasting party, attending one or going to a winery to take part in their special wine tasting event, there are a few tips one should keep in mind when embarking on their wine tasting adventure. Although wine tasting techniques will vary, there are some general wine tasting tips which will make the wine tasting the best it possibly can be.

Learn About the Wine

It is important to first learn a little bit about the wine that is going to be tasted. The host or hostess should describe the type of wine and provide some information about it to the wine tasting participants.

Observe Wine in the Glass

Once the participants have some background information on the wine that they are about to taste, it is next time to observe the wine in the glass. One should take note of various factors regarding the wine such as color and texture. It is best to hold one’s glass up to the light so that they can view it properly.

Smell the Wine

After looking at the color and texture of the wine, each individual wine taster should smell the wine. By doing so, one will get a feel for some of the ingredients which are in the wine and figure out if the wine has fruity overtones or more robust components.

Swirl the Wine

Individuals who are participating in the wine tasting should also swirl their glass in order to determine the legs of the wine and let the aroma out. After swirling the wine in the glass, take note of the wine streaks on the side of the glass as these determine the evaporation rate between alcohol and water. Some also state that doing this can provide evidence as to the body of the wine.

Now Comes the Tasting Part

It is finally the time one has been waiting for all along, the actual tasting of the wine. Take a nice sip of the wine and ensure that it is enough to get the full flavor yet not too much as to have the need to swallow the wine too quickly. Note the flavors, body and overall taste of the wine.

Dumping the Wine

Frequently, wine tastings will consist of only small amounts of wine since there are usually a good variety of wines to sample. Therefore, it is usually quite acceptable to dump the rest of your wine in a bucket provided by the host or winery so that you can get on with the various wines that lay ahead of you.

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