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Types of Spanish White Wines

When many individuals think of desired wine regions, two countries such as France and Italy tend to come to mind as being the forerunners in the wine industry. Although this is somewhat true, there are many other wonderful wine regions where the production of this favored beverage is quite voluminous in nature. Spain is one such country which produces its fair share of wines. The following will highlight various types of popular Spanish white wines which are consumed within and outside of the country.


Cava is a unique type of Spanish white wine in that it is sparkling in consistency. This type of wine is produced in a way that is similar to Champagne. Cava is light, smooth and has fruity overtones to it. Due to these qualities, it is extremely easy to drink and goes well with a number of food genres. The three different grape varieties which are often used to make Cava include parellada, xarello and macabeo although other grape varieties may exist depending on the winery that is producing this type of white wine.

Rioja Blanca

Rioja Blanca is another favored white wine that is produced in Spain. This wine tends to be yellowish in color with some greenish overtones to it. As for taste, the finished product brings about a light, flavorful result which is easy to drink. Three main types of grapes are responsible for the production of Rioja Blanca which include malvasia, viura and garnacha blanca grapes.


Albarino is a very popular white wine throughout Spain. This wine is the result of grapes grown in the Galicia region of Spain. Albarino is light yet with high acidity and pairing it with a variety of seafood dishes really brings out the flavor of both the wine and food. This crisp wine is a great white wine for individuals who may prefer a taste which is light yet fulfilling in nature. With just one sip, one is sure to understand why Albarino remains to be one of the most popular white wines in Spain.


Viura is a white wine that is similar in some respects to Albarino yet differs in others. Viura may have less acidity than Albarino but still have the crisp, light flavor which makes Albarino so popular. Many individuals choose to purchase a nice Viura over Albarino for the cost differential. This is a great Spanish white wine to select for fish and poultry items as it will go nicely with either meal and not be overpowered by the entrée selection.


Spain has much to offer in the way of white wine selections. Whether one is visiting the country or is visiting their local wine store, they are sure to find a wide selection of Spanish white wines to choose from for their drinking pleasure.

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