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How to Serve Wine

Wine is an exceptional type of beverage that can turn any dinner into a festive occasion. Whether one fancies red or white wine, sparkling or non-sparkling, there are many different options when it comes to choosing the perfect wine to accompany a meal. If one is having guests over for dinner or is simply planning a romantic dinner for two, they may wonder what the proper way to serve wine might be. The following will provide a brief overview on some of the best ways to serve this delicious beverage.

Red Wine

Red wine is a wonderful accompaniment to a variety of entrée types. When serving red wine, the host or hostess should open the wine using a wine bottle opener or wine key. If the wine has foil around the top of the bottle, a wine bottle foil cutter is the easiest and most efficient way to remove the foil.

Once the bottle has been opened, the host or hostess may prefer to let the red wine breath for a short while prior to serving the wine. As for glass choice, one should choose a red wine glass to serve this type of wine. A red wine glass is one which is rounder in nature than a white wine glass. When filling the glass, the individual serving the wine should fill it approximately ¼ to ½ full as these types of wine glasses will often hold more liquid than their white wine glass counterparts. Slightly turn the bottle as you pour as it will prevent any wine from spilling during the pouring process.

White Wine

If white wine is the preferred wine selection, the host or hostess should select the type of white wine which goes best with the entrée and take sweetness and dryness attributes into account. This type of wine can be opened in the same manner as red wine, using a foil cutter and either a wine bottle opener or wine key.

White wine should often be chilled prior to serving it. It is best to take it off of the wine rack and chill it either in the refrigerator or a bucket of ice water for 1-2 hours prior to serving it. This will allow it to chill enough yet not get too cold which could ruin some of the overall flavor. The best type of white wine glass to serve this wine in is one which is less round than a red wine glass yet not as tall and narrow as a champagne glass.

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

For Champagne and sparkling wine, the host or hostess will need to pop the cork on the Champagne in order to open the bottle. This is something which takes a little bit of practice to get it down perfectly but one will soon become a pro at opening this type of bottle. Champagne and sparkling wine should also be chilled prior to serving and either an ice bucket with ice water or refrigerator will work best. The proper temperature for Champagne or sparkling wine is around 45 degrees. As for glass selection, a tall and narrow Champagne flute is the best style to serve this type of wine in as it will present the best possible tasting experience for the guest.

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