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How to Save Leftover Wine

There are many times in a wine drinker’s life where a bottle of wine that is opened is not consumed completely on the same day. Some have questioned whether it is possible to save leftover wine so that it may be enjoyed at a later time. Although the wine may not taste quite the way it did upon being opened in the beginning, there are a few different ways in which wine drinkers can save leftover wine.

Refrigerate the Wine

Perhaps the best way to save leftover wine is to refrigerate it. This is true for both red and white wine. Although red is not usually chilled upon serving, it is the best way to keep the leftover contents as fresh as they possibly can be. When refrigerating wine, one should be sure to finish the contents within approximately 3-4 days after initially opening the bottle.

Pressurized Wine Contraptions

Another way in which one can store their wine to be consumed at a later time is by using a pressurized wine system. There are a few different types on the general consumer market today however the purpose beyond most is to remove the extra air from the bottle thereby creating a vacuum effect. This is a valid option for wine drinkers who wish to save their leftover wine.

Purchase Empty Wine Splits

An additional way that one can store their leftover wine is to put the wine in a new, smaller wine bottle. Certain specialty wine stores may sell empty wine splits which are wonderful for storing leftover wine. The reason this storage method works is that one can fill the bottle to the top, thereby preventing any air from existing within the bottle. Simply cork the bottle and it is ready to go for the next time.

Consider Small Wine Bottle Purchases

If one wishes to not even have to deal with leftover wine, they may consider purchasing smaller bottles of wine if they do not feel that they will drink a full bottle at one time. This is a great option for an individual who dines alone and wishes to have only one or two glasses of wine with dinner. These smaller bottles of wine may be a bit more expensive when considering what one is paying for the amount of wine; however, it is something to think about as it will eliminate the leftover wine factor altogether.

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