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Types of South African Red Wines

South Africa is a place which one may be surprised to learn produces a large quantity of wines. There are a multitude of wine regions throughout the area where red and white wines are produced, bottled and shipped out for the entire world to enjoy. With regard to red wines in particular, South African wineries provide a wide array for wine enthusiasts to appreciate. Some of these delicious red wine varieties will be described below.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the more popular South African grape varieties which is grown in most vineyards around the area. This deep red beverage is bold in flavor and dry in general as far as red wines go. The tastes which one experience when drinking South African Cabernet Sauvignon will vary amongst wineries. Some will have an oak or cedar flavor to them whereas others will have overtones of a variety of red fruits. Wineries may bottle the Cabernet Sauvignon alone or mix it with other red wines to produce a complex and fascinating wine product. If interested in pairing Cabernet Sauvignon with a meal, it is best to serve it alongside robust dishes such as meats and pastas.


Pinotage is a red wine which is almost always produced in South Africa. This wonderful wine is rich with fruit flavors and spice which gives it a strong flavor yet not so much as to be overwhelming. Its deep aroma and generous tannins give it gusto and make it a wonderful beverage that many like to enjoy. Those who wish to serve Pinotage with a meal should serve it alongside entrees that go well with other reds such as Pinot Noir. Some examples of good food pairings include ham and beef entrees.


One may also find that Merlot is produced quite often in various wineries throughout South Africa. This type of wine may be produced alone or in conjunction with Cabernet Sauvignon to create a wonderful blend. The Merlots of South Africa have a deep fruity flavor with a bold overall taste. When pairing South African Merlots with food, one should choose items such as pasta, steak or venison as these will bring out the true flavors of the wine.


These are some of the more popular red wines which one will find throughout South Africa. Some are common in other wineries around the world whereas one in particular, Pinotage, is unique in nature as it is most commonly produced in South Africa. No matter what type of red wine one prefers, it is best to sample the favorite type of wine from a number of South African wineries as each winery is special in its own way.

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