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The Importance of Choosing the Right Wine to Accompany a Meal

Wine is a wonderful accompaniment to almost any meal. With that said, it is crucial to choose the right wine to accompany a meal and vice versa as the wine can either make or break a meal. The following will highlight why this is so and detail why choosing the right wine to serve alongside of an entrée is a delicate task which must not be undertaken lightly.

Certain Wines May Overpower Specific Entrees

Choosing the right wine to serve with a meal is something which must be well thought out. This is due to the fact that certain wines will overpower various types of meal selections and the combination could be disastrous in a culinary sense. For example, when serving a white meat such as pork or certain types of chicken entrees, it is best to go with a lighter wine such as a Riesling. The reason to do so is so that the wine will not be so bold as to overpower the true flavors of the entrée.

Certain Foods May Dull the Wine Taste

In the alternative, there are certain food selections that when paired with specific wine varieties will act to dull the true taste of the wine. Drinking wine for many is an event and is not simply seen as a beverage used to wash down the food. Many wine drinkers like to truly taste and enjoy the many facets of the wine and for this reason it is imperative to select an entrée which allows individuals to do so. Therefore, if one is set on drinking a Merlot variety with dinner, it is best to choose a meal which will bring out the full flavor of the wine. Some possible choices may include roast beef and certain pasta dishes.

Try Serving a Few Different Wine Varieties

For those who are hosting a dinner party or wish to have varying foods which may not coincide with a single wine selection, try serving a few different wine varieties with the meal. For example, select a sparkling wine to serve with hors d’oeuvres, a Chardonnay to serve with a shellfish entrée and a dessert wine to have with the sweet selection at the end of the meal. By serving different wines, those dining will be able to truly experience the full flavor of both the wine and the meal.


Wine is a great addition to any meal. In order to have the entire meal come together perfectly, it is important to choose the wine and entrée carefully to enable the finished product to be as spectacular as possible.

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