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Types of Chilean White Wines  

Wine is a product which comes from many wonderful countries and regions. One such country which produces its fair share of wine is Chile. Chilean wines are varied in nature and the vineyards of the Chilean wine regions produce both reds and whites for consumption by wine enthusiasts all over the world. The following paragraphs will highlight Chilean white wines and provide some details regarding popular white wines from this area.

Sauvignon Blanc

One of the favored white wines from Chile is Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is produced in many vineyards throughout the country and is quite popular both within Chile and around the world. Sauvignon Blancs are usually crisp in nature and can vary in dryness depending upon the vineyard which produces the wine. This wine usually consists of fruity overtones and has a pleasing aroma. When looking to pair Sauvignon Blanc with food it is best to go with meal varieties such as barbecued foods, various salads and seafood entrees.


Another popular white wine type in both Chile and abroad is Chardonnay. Chardonnay produced in Chile is usually light and crisp with various oak flavors. Along with the oak overtones, Chilean Chardonnay is fruity in nature yet not too sweet. Chardonnay is a white wine that goes marvelously with a wide array of food choices. Some of the preferred food pairings for Chardonnay include cheese filled pastas, salmon and chicken dishes.


Semillon is another Chilean white wine which is favored for its delicious, crisp taste. This wine can be purchased alone or in combination with Chardonnay such as in a Chardonnay/Semillon mixture. Semillon often has fruity overtones where one can taste fruits like apricots and citrus items. This type of wine usually has a good acidity to it and has a pleasing taste overall. When interested in pairing Semillon with a meal, any entrees which consist of seafood or vegetables are a wonderful combination with this Chilean white wine.


Chilean white wines are extremely popular around the world but especially within the United States where their popularity continues to grow. As the popularity of such wines increase, so will the production of the wines within this country. Any of the previously mentioned types of wines can be consumed alone or with a wide array of entrée items. One who expresses an interest in Chilean white wines should try each variety to determine which one they like the best and also try wines from different vineyards as no two vineyards are alike. By doing so, one will ensure that they have truly experienced the delicious white wines of Chile.

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