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Types of California White Wines

There are many regions throughout the world which are known for their wine production. One such region is the state of California. This region is home to two of the most popular wine areas in the United States, Sonoma and Napa Valley, not to mention a wealth of other regions throughout the state where wine production is in process. Both California red and white wines are loved by many and the focus of this article will be on the many wonderful white wine varieties which are produced in the California region.


Perhaps one of the most popular types of white wines produced in the California region is Chardonnay. This delectable wine variety is one which can be paired with many different types of entrees and will vary in taste depending on the vineyard which produces such a wine. Chardonnay can range from dry and bold to light and fruity, depending on the type of wine that it is. This wine is one which goes wonderfully with poultry, fish and certain pasta dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc

Another sought after white wine variety from the California region is Sauvignon Blanc. In general, this wine has a light yellow overtone to it but the color will vary depending on the specific wine. This variety is usually light bodied and can be sweet or dry depending on the producer and brand of wine. When looking to pair Sauvignon Blanc with a meal, one will usually find that this type of wine goes perfectly with seafood, poultry and pasta.


Riesling is another type of white wine that is produced in the California region. This too can vary in taste depending on who produces it however it is often sweet in nature and is easy to drink due to its light quality. Riesling is a white wine that goes nicely with a variety of entrees but one may find that seafood and certain poultry dishes really enhance the wine and vice versa.

White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel is another popular white wine that is produced in the California-based vineyards. It is chosen quite often by wine drinkers as it is easily paired with various entrees and has a nice, crisp flavor to it. Most varieties of White Zinfandel actually have a rose-colored tint to them although they are included under the white wine section on wine menus. White Zinfandel is a great type of wine for occasional wine drinkers as it is easy to drink and not very bold in flavor.

The previously mentioned white wines are some of the more popular ones produced in the California region. They range in taste and color yet each has their own special wine connoisseur following since they are all wonderful in their own right.

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