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Types of California Red Wines

Wine is a distinguished type of beverage which comes in a variety of types. Not only can one choose from amongst reds and whites but they have a wealth of options when it comes to wine region varieties. One extremely popular wine region variety is that of California wines. California is known for its many productive vineyards and wineries in various areas around the state. The following will highlight some of the red wines of this region and provide a bit of detail about each one.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a popular type of California red wine which individuals drink on a frequent basis. Two of the main characteristics of this type of wine are its dark reddish tones and robust flavor. Cabernet Sauvignon pairs nicely with meats, pasta and certain varieties of seafood.


Another favored red wine from the California region is Merlot. This wine also has a nice deep red overtone to it and can be full-bodied in flavor. The Merlot variety also goes nicely with foods similar to those accompanied by Cabernet Sauvignon such as red meat and pasta. Consider serving your favorite Italian dish with a nice glass of California-based Merlot.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is another red California wine which vineyards around the state produce each year. The tone of the Pinot Noir is a bit more muted than its other red wine counterparts yet still has a well-bodied flavor to it. When compared with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir is a bit lighter than the other two. If looking to pair Pinot Noir with a special dish, one will find that beef varieties, fish and pasta all coincide wonderfully with a glass of this favored wine.


California vineyards also produce a good amount of Syrah varieties. Syrah is a type of wine which is similar in nature to the Pinot Noir yet varies more in red tones than Pinot Noir does. One can order a glass of California Syrah and have it come out in a variety of reddish tones. This is a great wine variety to pair with more flavorful and often spicy foods such as Mexican or Cuban dishes.

Red Zinfandel

Red Zinfandel is a California wine which is quite popular throughout the state. Many of the wineries and vineyards based in California will produce a type of Red Zinfandel for the masses to enjoy. Many wine lists at restaurants throughout the United States will have Red Zinfandel as a necessary staple on their menus as it is quite a popular wine. In addition, this type of red wine goes well with a wide array of menu items ranging anywhere from pizza to Filet Mignon.

Red wines from the California region are ones which are extremely popular with individuals throughout not only the United States but the world as well. If one is looking for the perfect red wine to pair with a meal, they are sure to find the perfect variety which is produced in the California region.

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