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Challenges of an Inter-Racial Marriage

It is an unfortunate fact of life that all members of society do not accept inter-racial marriages and as a result, many couples who are of different races find themselves the victims of ridicule. This can be seen within the family unit, as well as with friends, at work and in public. It is always important to be prepared to face these challenges and to openly discuss them with your spouse so the two of you can cope with the problems together.

Marriages between African Americans and whites that cause the most controversy and the greatest degree of ridicule. Women often suffer the worst of the ridicule, whether it is from parents who had high hopes for their daughter or from friends who feel that to marry outside of your race is an affront to the men of your race. A white woman who marries an African Americans man is as likely to suffer ridicule from those closest to her, as is a African Americans woman who marries a white man.

The ridicule of other people can often put added stress on a relationship between spouses so it is extremely important that the two people involved develop coping strategies that will work for both of them, no matter who they are dealing with.

It is always important as a couple to not let others negative opinions of your marriage affect how you view one another and to always do what you feel to be right in your hearts and minds. Always show respect for the differences you both share such as cultural differences and remember how important it is to have a sense of humor. Laughter helps to deflect the harshness of a situation and can make it easier to find ways to cope.

It is important to be positive but also to be realistic about the fact that the two of you might have differences that run deeper than other people’s differences. On the other hand always take the opportunity to revel in what you share in common as well. Be aware that open and honest communication is one of the key elements to a successful marriage. Do not assume that your differences will melt away but instead open the door for a discussion that could bring you closer as a couple.

In the same vein, work to bring family members from both sides together as often as possible so they can get to know each other and come to appreciate the similarities but also the differences of both sides. Inter-racial marriages can present plenty of diversity and can benefit all family members if they open themselves up to learning.

Set boundaries where necessary and make sure as a couple you are a united front. Refuse to let others interfere with your marriage. Whenever possible, steer clear of people who disapprove of your marriage and are most likely to ridicule you. Opt instead to surround yourself with individuals who make you feel positive and joyful.

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