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What are the Statistics of a Wedding being called off because of a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party?

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are memorable events that should be attended with the respect of the groom and bride. In reality very few bachelor or bachelorette parties cause enough damage to destroy future marriages and very few brides call off their weddings because of what happened at their groom’s bachelor party, or vice versa.

Although there are no statistics to report on this issue, it is important to bear in mind that what takes place at a bachelor or bachelorette party will eventually become known to the future spouse. Have respect for both yourself and your future bride or groom even in the midst of your pre-marriage celebration with friends.

There are certain things that should be kept in mind for the man who is hosting the bachelor party, in order to prevent problems from arising for the upcoming nuptials.

For the groom:

  • Always take the time to ask the groom what he would like to do for his bachelor party and where he would like to go.
  • Plan the party a week or two before the wedding.
  • Make sure the guest list is short and only invite close friends and male relatives of the groom.
  • Make sure no one who gets invited takes it upon himself or herself to invite random people.
  • Always drink responsibility and have a designated driver or plan to call a cab to get home safely.
  • Avoid doing dangerous activities that could lead to injuries such as a broken arm or a broken leg.

For the bride:

  • The hostess should ask the bride how she would like to spend the night deemed traditionally as a woman’s last night being single.
  • Invite only the bride’s closet friends and female relatives. The bachelorette party is not an occasion to include acquaintances, neighbors or co-workers of the bride’s. A small, tight knit group is always best.
  • Plan the bachelorette party a week or a couple of weeks before the wedding and not the night before.
  • The bachelorette party will be a night that will stand out as being memorable in a bride’s life so make it so.
  • Never engage in any activities that could cause harm or injury to the bride or any of her guests.
  • If drinking is to be a part of the evening’s festivities (which is often the case) then make sure there is a plan in place for everyone to get home safely.
  • Arrange transportation by way of a designated driver or else arrange to have a taxi take each guest home.

The bachelorette party should be a night that stand's out as being memorable in a bride’s life.

The goal is to have fun, but remember not to do anything to disrespect the person you are about to marry. This goes for both men as well as women.

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