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Planning a wedding

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What are the First Steps Towards Planning a Wedding?

The first step toward planning a wedding should be to be enthusiastic and excited about the prospect. You are engaged and that is something to jump for joy about! Next it is time to tell both sets of parents and tradition dictates that the bride’s parents become privy to the joyful news before the groom’s parents. It is best if both the bride and groom are in attendance when the parents are told. Then tell the news to your closest friends and the people you are most likely to want to include in your wedding party.

Buy yourself a journal so you can jot down unforgettable moments during the engagement period and purchase another blank book where you can write down all of the things you will need to do in regards to wedding planning.

Next, it is time to officially announce your engagement to other family members, co-workers and the rest of the world. Do so by mailing announcements to people, putting an announcement in your local paper and an other option is to create your own wedding website for the two of you as much as for other people.

Setting the wedding date goes a long way in planning for a wedding as you have a specific timeframe in which you know you have to get things completed by. Once you have the date set you can then form a timeline for all that you need to do for your wedding.

Next thing you need to do is decide on the type of wedding you want to have, whether it be formal, casual or if you like, a wedding planned around a theme. This is also the time to decide if you will be having a religious wedding or one that is more secular in nature. Sit down with your future spouse and make a list of what you each want for your wedding and then work on compromising in the areas where you disagree.

Next it is time to look at your finances and set a budget for your wedding. Figure out what each of you has in savings at the present time and how much you think you can save in the months preceding your wedding. Try to avoid taking out a loan at the bank to get married or going into debt in order to have a lavish wedding. Always plan a wedding that the two of you can realistically afford. You might want to speak with both sets of parents to see if they are interested in contributing financially to the cost of the wedding and whether they would like to give you some money or pay for specific things. If you do not feel comfortable asking your parents then don’t feel pressured to do so.

Now it is time to choose who you wish to be in your wedding party. If you are having a casual wedding you might have no more than a couple of attendants or perhaps none at all but most engaged couples have wedding parties that include anywhere from two to 12 members. Keep in mind the duties of bridesmaids and groomsmen before you go ahead and ask the individuals if they would be your bridesmaid or groomsman.

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