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Should Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties be combined?

If you were to ask the question "should bachelor and bachelorette parties be combined?" you would receive mixed answers depending on whom you spoke to. Some people believe that bachelor and bachelorette parties are meant to be celebrated separately, as women need their own get together's and men need theirs.

Other people would argue that bachelor and bachelorette parties can get out of control, and the party which is often thought of as a bride or groom’s last night of as a single person, can cause unforeseen problems.

The bachelor party and bachelorette parties are meant to be about men and women getting together with their friends to bond and simply have a good time together. For most these parties are enjoyable and harmless and are just a way to relax and have a few drinks and laughs with close friends.

Back in history the bachelor party was a very formal black tie affair that was given by the groom's best friends. In today’s modern society, bachelor parties are rarely formal but can be plenty of fun and boisterous as well. Some bachelor parties include strippers and the like but the overall purpose is to simply relax and have fun.

A bachelorette party is the female equivalent of a bachelor party. Traditionally the only form of female celebration a woman received before her wedding was a bridal shower, which was very prim and proper as the mother and grandmother were usually in attendance. The bachelorette party provides an opportunity for a bride to go out for an evening with her closest friends and her sisters and to relax and have a good time.

Some people choose to have what is known as a stag and doe party, which is a tame version of the bachelor and bachelorette party and is, for all intents and purposes, a combined party that both sexes attend. A stag and doe party (also referred to as buck and doe parties) is co-ed fun but one big difference is that this type of party traditionally is meant to bring in a profit. In other words a stag and doe party is a pre-wedding party where guests must purchase tickets and the money is used to help pay for the upcoming wedding.

A great deal of strategic planning must go into orchestrating a successful stag and doe party. For example the bride and groom must book a venue, such as a community hall that is large enough to hold the number of guests they plan to invite and they must consider whom they will get to cater the food and where the alcoholic beverages for the bar will come from. Other things to consider are what type of entertainment to have- should it be live entertainment or just music from a jukebox and what other little goodies can make the party desirable to the guests such as door prizes or 50/50 draws.

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