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Do We Really Need A Bachelor or Bachelorette Party?

Bachelor and bachelorette parties give the bride and groom the opportunity to take a breather from all of the wedding preparations. One night away from all the pressures that lead up to the celebration. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties can give both individuals a feeling of calm, peace and tranquility.

Getting married is something to be celebrated but it can also involve lots of worries and headaches so the bachelor and bachelorette parties allow both parties to relax and unwind with their closest friends.

For many men, the bachelor party provides a much-needed break from the frenzy of activity that often accompanies wedding preparations that leads up to the big day.

Some bachelor parties include

  • An element of adult entertainment, but the main purpose of this type of pre-marriage party is to allow the groom to celebrate his upcoming nuptials with his closest friends and male relatives.
  • It is a form of male bonding that while it may not be necessary, it is something he will be able to remember for many years to come.
  • In this way the bachelor party can be viewed as a valuable and important aspect of the pre-marriage stage.

This type of party for women is

  • A celebration of her upcoming marriage but also of friendship and is all about simply enjoying life and having fun.
  • Women enjoy a night out with friends and a night out on the town as much as men
  • A bachelorette party might just be one of the few stress-free evenings a busy bride can honestly admit to having in months!

Both bachelor and bachelorette parties can be considered to be rites of passage that help prepare the bride and groom for the transition from being a single person to a married person.

A boy’s night out can be whatever the bachelor party guests want to make it.

Some popular ideas include:

  • Booking box seats at a football game, a basketball game or a baseball game;
  • Playing ball and then going out for beer and pizza afterwards;
  • Playing golf and then following it up with drinks and a meal, or having a fun filled night of poker.
  • Men with plenty of time and money on their hands might decide to make it a bachelor party weekend and head out on a road trip.

For women the bachelorette party can include

  • A day at the spa is always fun for women as what bride does not want to be pampered?!
  • Get a facial, a manicure, a pedicure and a massage and enjoy lots of lively chatter and laughter with your best gal pals.
  • Going out for drinks and dinner is a popular choice as well, as is going out dancing.
  • Another suggestion is to go out to dinner and then take in a movie or a play afterwards.

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