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Planning a wedding

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Should You Rely on Friends and Relatives For Help?

This is a question that all brides and grooms must answer for themselves. Perhaps you have a large family that lives close by and everyone gets along well and is more than eager to be of assistance. On the other hand maybe your family is small and some members are estranged but you are blessed with some wonderful close friends who are willing to devote time and energy to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Whether you are willing to accept help from others close to you is up to you because it is a guarantee that all brides and grooms can use all the help they can get when it comes to planning their special day!

Always keep in mind that the advice and suggestions of loved ones and friends could come in handy for your upcoming nuptials, whether you are having a big, very elegant wedding or a simpler, more casual or understated wedding or anything in between. If your Aunt Alice has some pearls of wisdom to impart to you about decorating the head table at the reception or if your mother is brimming with ideas about how to decorate the church for your midsummer wedding then by all means let them help. Remember that if others help you in one area that means you can concentrate on more than one area of wedding planning at a time.

Perhaps your sister is an organizational genius and can help you strategically map out what needs to be done in regards to wedding planning on a weekly or monthly basis. If your sister has this ability and you can hardly organize your sock drawer then let her lend her expertise to your wedding plans. By so doing this will alleviate some of the stress you are feeling, especially the closer you get to your big day.

Friends can often plenty of help in many areas so do not be stubborn when it comes to accepting much needed help with preparations, be they large or small. The same goes for financial help for your wedding. If your grandparents want to pay for your dress or your aunt and uncle want to buy the wedding flowers then why not let them contribute to the wedding cause? Allow people to help in the ways they feel they can but do not let anyone interfere too much in your plans or cause you to alter the plans that have already been put in motion for the wedding.

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