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Is the Bride’s Family Responsible for Planning a Wedding?

The announcing of an engagement is a very exciting time but also means that there is frenzied activity up ahead as the bride and groom prepare to start their new life together. Wedding planning needs to be done in a logical order and often brides do not want to take on all of the responsibilities themselves. Traditionally it was the bride’s family that paid for the wedding or at least the majority of the costs associated with the wedding but the bride’s family also helped with the wedding planning.

Today most couples choose to pay for their weddings themselves, especially if either set of parents suffers financial hardships. This also works for the wedding planning. Most couples like to sit down and draw up a list of who will do what and when. The groom might book the church and the reception hall while the bride takes care of the wedding flowers and the wedding cake.

This is an exciting time for both families but most brides do want their families to be a part of the wedding plans. The input of other family members can be helpful as they might have suggestions for the bride that is invaluable. Whether it is checking out venues for the reception, deciding on whether there will be a sit down meal or a buffet style meal it is always good to have help from loved ones. Many brides like their mothers, sisters and grandmothers to help them choose the right wedding dress and also to make decisions about the color and style of dresses to be worn by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids.

The bride’s family can help draw up the guest list for the wedding and can also offer suggestions about the wedding décor and how to properly decoration the scene for the reception. The bride’s family can enjoy quality time together and lots of laughs at a cake tasting and can help to answer questions the bride might have as well as to help quell her fears.

It is up to the bride how involved she wants her family to get in the wedding planning. This may depend on how close she is to family members and whether they live nearby or further away. Some people prefer to do the majority of the planning with their future spouse which is fine while others, especially young brides in their twenties, are likely to appreciate as much help from their loved ones as they can possibly get. Do not be shy about asking for help but make sure on the other hand that family members do not get carried away with the wedding planning and take it away from you all together. You are planning for your special day after all, and not theirs. Make it as memorable as possible and play the biggest role of everyone in your wedding planning.

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