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Should Parents of the Bride and Groom Be Invited to the Bachelor or Bachelorette Party?

It is customary for the parents of the bride and then the parents of the groom to be the first individuals privy to the news that a couple has gotten engaged. From the very beginning both sets of parents play a big role in the wedding preparations.

The bachelor and bachelorette parties are usually planned for anywhere from three weeks to one week before the wedding but these events are usually hosted by the best man and maid of honor respectively and are more about the celebration of friendship than they are about family.

The bachelor party is viewed as a rite of passage and is all about male bonding whereas a bachelorette party allows women to bond as friends and to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with the friends they hold most dear to them. Some men choose to invite their fathers to their bachelor parties while others choose to also invite the bride’s father to their pre-wedding party. While it is perfectly fine to do so, many men feel that with their future father-in-law at their bachelor party they will have to be on their best behavior and therefore will not be able to have the good time that they wish to have. On the other hand many men feel perfectly comfortable with their own fathers attending, as the more senior men may enjoy an evening of being wild and crazy.

Traditionally, the mother of the bride is not invited to the bachelorette party and neither is the mother of the groom as the bachelorette party is about the bride having a good time with her friends. The bridal shower that is held in the bride’s honor is the pre-wedding event that is suitable for both mothers to attend as opposed to the bachelorette party. Many women would feel uncomfortable at their bachelorette party if they were under the watchful eye of their mothers and future mother in laws. A bachelorette party is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing opportunity to let one’s “hair down” so to speak and it is not the occasion to be scrutinized or to have your words and actions monitored.

When planning the guest list for the bachelor/bachelorette party, it is advisable for the groom and bride to let the host or hostess know whom he or she wishes to invite to the event. The bachelor party is about the groom after all and the bachelorette party is about the bride and neither individual wants to have to spend the evening worrying about what mom or dad is thinking. There is plenty of opportunity for both the mothers and fathers of the bride and groom to be a part of the wedding preparations and celebrations but the bachelor and bachelorette parties are not the place. In the end however this decision should be left up to the bride and the groom’s discretion.

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