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Who Sponsors the Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties?

A bachelor party is a party that is held for a man who is engaged to be married in a matter of days or a week before he walks down the aisle. It is meant as a time for him to have a good time with his male buddies and for some, the opportunity to participate in a male only party.

Bachelor Parties Commonly referred to as a

  • Bachelor party in the United States, Canada and the UK
  • Ireland and New Zealand a stag party or a stag night
  • in Australia it is fondly referred to as a bucks party or bucks night out
  • in South Africa, a bulls party. Bachelor parties in one form or another have been around since the 5th century.

A bachelorette party is a newer concept than the bachelor party, but the idea is still the same. It is an opportunity for a woman to have some fun with her close girlfriends and sisters. Many bachelorette parties in the United States involve having a scavenger hunt of sorts and relaxing among friends. Some women are tamer than others and the bachelorette party is more about pampering the bride-to-be while others include alcoholic beverages and plenty of gossip.

Unlike men, it is estimated that less than 20 percent of bachelorette parties involve a male stripper or even a visit to a male strip club.

The term:

  • Bachelorette party is used in the United States
  • In Canada it is often referred to as a stagette
  • In Australia, the UK and Ireland this type of pre-wedding party for women is often called a hen party or a hens night.
  • In most other English speaking countries this type of party is called a hens night, a girls night out or a stagette party.
  • In South Africa the term “kitchen tea” means a bachelorette party.

The bachelor party is usually sponsored by a brother or brothers of the groom. For those men who do not have a brother or who is not close to their brother, a close male friend can organize the bachelor party. In most cases the groom will not be told of the activities that are to take place at the bachelor party and in some cases when the bachelor party is to take place is kept secret from him.

For the bride, a bachelorette party is usually arranged by her sister, whoever is to be the maid or matron of honor, or her closest friends. In many cases, sisters’ and friends join forces to plan the event. In some countries, such as the UK, bachelor and bachelorette parties take place for an entire weekend instead of one evening and are referred to as stag weekends or stagette weekends.

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