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Tips on how to make your wedding proposal memorable
by John A. Roberts

One of the most intense, nerve wrecking, and gratifying moments occur when a man proposes to a woman. Men often want to make the woman of their dreams feel like a princess when they propose to them. However, the act of proposing may cause problems, as men pick their brains on how to propose to their girlfriend. The traditional way of proposing is fine, but women want excitement, and originality. If you're having trouble finding a new way to propose to your true love, I've compiled a list to help you mesmerize her as you put that pretty engagement ring on her finger.

  • Take it to the extreme. If your girlfriend loves sports, take her to her favorite sporting event, and propose to her on the giant screen. Tell her you want everybody watching to know how much you love her, right before you get down on one knee and propose.
  • A billboard of love. Let's say you and your girlfriend are driving down the street, when she looks up at a billboard that says "Jennifer will you marry me?" She'll most likely say yes, and she'll be touched at the gesture you made.
  • Dinner and a proposal. Take your future wife out to a very fancy resturant, and have the waiter bring her a box with an engagment ring in it, and a little note that says "will you marry me".
  • An exotic proposal. Nothing screams exotic like proposing to your one and only in the Amazon Rain Forest or an underpopulated island.
  • Make Valentines day extra special. Be prepared for this one. Instead of buying her a box full of candy, give her a box with an engagement ring.
  • Radio. If you know she listens to the radio everyday at work, call in the radio and ask her over the airways. Before hand, make sure you call her and tell her your simply going to make a love song request, but when she listens, she'll hear you propose to her.
  • Christmas proposal. Imagine you taking your girlfriend to the snow for Christmas, and while the two of you are playing in the snow, you get down on one knee and pop the big question. She'll always remember Christmas day as the day she said yes to marrying you.
  • Happy Birthday......Will you marry me? What a way to make her birthday special. Wait until everybody has given her a gift, and when it's your turn, act like you forgot her present, and propose. That's a birthday present she'll never forget.

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