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Is It Always the Man Who Has to Propose to a Woman in Order For Them to be Engaged?

Does a man always have to propose to a woman or can it be the other way around? Traditionally men propose to women, but there are instances where women propose to men.

The timing of popping the question is integral and it is important to be fully aware of what you are doing. We live in a society bound by old world traditions and when a woman takes the initiative and proposes marriage she is coming up against the male dominated values of Western culture and this can mean that the stakes are very high. Once the die has been cast, it is too late to reel it back in. Give this plenty of thought.

According to psychologist Carole Stovall of Washington, D.C. there are circumstances under which it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to propose to the man she is dating. If the couple is involved in a happy, healthy relationship and are very much in sync with one another there is nothing whatsoever wrong with the woman turning to the man and saying something like, “I really love the time we spend together and I want to be a part of your life and share all of my love with you so I think we should get married.”

Knowing yourself and why you want to marry a given person is so important before you propose to a man. Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true” and that still holds true today, especially when it comes to marriage proposal and all matters of the heart. Be as honest with yourself as possible and let your answers dictate what your next move will be.

Women must take a complete inventory of themselves before they propose marriage and they must be clear on why they want to get married. A woman should not propose to a man until she is independent, able to support herself financially and also knows where her life is on an emotional level as well. The more in tune you are with yourself the better able you will be to choose a suitable husband. Remember that you are not seeking a man to take care of you because you are already able to take care of yourself. Instead you want to find a significant other to make your life more complete.

Sincerity is the most essential element of a marriage proposal. Propose for the right reasons, which is to say that you love the other person and that the two of you have made a connection and want to spend the rest of your lives loving each other. Make sure you know if your man is the kind who would respond well to a proposal from a woman or not. Some men will be pleasantly surprised and pleased while others are more conventional and believe it is the man’s place to do the proposing.

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