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In Order to Get Married Do I Have to Get Engaged First?

A period of engagement is a prerequisite of getting married, no matter how short the engagement. Depending on circumstances, an engagement could be short or it could be long. The period of engagement is very important because it gives both people the opportunity to get to know one another even better and feelings often intensify even more during this essential period of time.

The engagement period is when the couple has the opportunity to discuss the dreams and goals they have for the future. It is also the time to iron out problems you may be experiencing with regards to your work schedules, holidays, religious beliefs and differences of opinions when it comes to money and how to raise children.

An engagement period allows the parents of both the bride and groom to meet and get to know one another. This is very important, as two families will be merging into one because of the upcoming marital union. It is standard practice for a man to buy an engagement ring for the woman he loves and to present it to her (some men still do it on bended knee while others do not) when he proposes marriage. If the woman accepts and places the ring on her finger then the couple are officially considered to be engaged. A man who is engaged is known as a fiancé while a woman is called a fiancée.

If you plan to have a formal wedding then it is best to have an engagement that lasts between 12 months to 24 months. Keep in mind that it takes time to plan a wedding and many churches must be reserved anywhere from a year to two years in advance and this is also true for places where you might want to hold your reception. If you are having a less formal wedding ceremony then you will require less time to plan. Be aware that a wedding engagement should be no shorter than three months.

The engagement ring is a circle and that is fitting because it has no beginning and no end. An engagement ring symbolizes the promise of love, fidelity, commitment and devotion between two people who want to share their lives with one another. Other terms that are sometimes used to describe a couple who are engaged include engaged to be married and affianced.

In Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom a woman wears her engagement ring on the designated ring finger, which happens to be the fourth finger on her left hand. On the other hand in Continental Europe as well as a variety of other countries it is customary for the engagement ring to be worn on the fourth finger of the right hand. Some people say it is bad luck to wear any other ring on the ring finger if you hope to become engaged to be married someday.

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