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Should You Seek Premarital Counseling From a Relative?

Premarital counseling is a means to help decrease the incidence of divorce and to help couples gain greater insight not just into their relationship but also into how their own minds work at coping with conflicts and difficulties that may come along after they are married. Pre-marital counseling is something that most churches deem as a necessity in order to be married in the church and studies have shown that pre-marital counseling does work. If you do not plan to be married in a church, is possible to go to a counselor and obtain secular pre-marital counseling sessions. Some counselors offer couples counseling in the form of retreats and workshops.

Premarital counseling addresses many of the issues that people do not think about until after they are married. does address many of these issues and concerns. For example, Premarital counseling will look at the pressures related to both spouses working, sexual intimacy, intimacy, and child rearing.

Premarital counseling is not like traditional therapy. Premarital counseling is more like an educational experience. While relatives are always helpful when it comes to giving advice, suggestions, opinions and ideas, it is not recommended that you receive your pre-marital counseling from anyone in your immediate or extended family. While your aunt, uncle or third cousin might have some very good anecdotes from his or her own life to give you that can be of help to you, he or she is not a professional and cannot give you the type of useful information that is needed in many areas of your soon-to-be married life.

Premarital counseling affords an engaged couple the opportunity to explore and contemplate their relationship in a secure and comfortable environment with a qualified professional or expert to help guide the counseling sessions. Pre-marital counseling helps to bring to light many issues that a couple could potentially face once they get married. Premarital counseling also helps couples discover the most beneficial ways to communicate with one another.

Premarital counseling classes are geared at teaching couples about to be married about the habits, skills, attitudes as well as enrichment methods that research studies have shown lead to marriages full of love, mutual respect, and endurance. Studies looking at the effectiveness of premarital counseling classes have discovered that the risk of divorce is reduced by 30 percent when a couple takes the time to go for pre-marriage preparation classes.

The central idea behind premarital counseling is that it is necessary to encourage the strength of a marriage before it takes place and to prepare and anticipate challenges and conflicts that could arise in the marriage in the future. While Aunt Hilda or Uncle Arthur may know plenty about marriage, it is best to seek your premarital counseling from someone who is properly trained to help couples.

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