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Healthy Holiday Meals

Healthy Holiday Meals
Healthy Ideas
Healthy Meal Tips
Holiday Meals


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Healthy Ideas!

Use whole grain foods. Example, we would include buns and rolls

Fresh organic turkey, fresh vegetables, and I'll even try to hand make the pie.

I plan on having smaller portions and skipping more of the unhealthy items. I plan on having lower fat products and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Use fat free evaporated milk, fat free sweet condensed milk, and low fat butter in what I cook.

NO salt! Using only Mrs. Dash.

Substitute healthy olive oil for butter, whenever possible.

My family has already made radical changes to our lifestyle this past year.  Not only will we be eating a lot more vegetables and whole grains, we will cook with olive oil instead of butter and be training for a triathlon during work days off!

I changed my way of cooking. Leaving out a lot of the whipped cream, and other things laden with fat.

I will serve 100 % fruit juice.

Instead of the broccoli cheese casserole with rice, I plan on serving steamed broccoli with a cheese sauce on the side and no rice.

I will substitute mashed steamed broccoli for mashed potatoes this year.

We have been vegans for a few years now, so we eat healthy everyday.

Sliced cucumbers are served with every meal instead of

Free range beef; grain fed chicken/poultry; acorn flour to bake with; and sweet potatoes from our organic garden. 

I plan to cook a turkey breast, minus the stuffing, with plenty of veggies and frozen yogurt.

I cook with Pam.

I'm serving an organic spinach lasagna with salad and sugarless treats.

We usually have turkey at Thanksgiving and a ham at
Christmas, but I think this year, we will have a turkey at both occasions. When I make the mashed potatoes, I will use lowfat milk and use less butter when mashing the potatoes.  I will skip the bacon with the green beans, and add a salad instead.  Wheat rolls instead of white, and encourage less butter on our rolls.  My kids love using the fancy wine glasses with soda and ice, a nice sparkling juice like apple or grape will be better for all of us.  I use chicken broth for basting rather then butter or oil already, so no change there.  Fruit salad is always a highlight, this year, we will try it without the cool whip as well.

I'll substitute fat free or low fat cream cheese for regular cream cheese.

Careful shopping, looking for reduced fat, sugar and salt ingredients to replace the more traditional ones without compromising the traditional quality or taste.

I will follow Weight Watchers guidelines.

More Healthy Meal Tips

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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