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Valentine's Day, What Are You Doing?!

Valentine's Day was always a special day for me and my family. My oldest sister was born on that day and whenever we celebrated her birthday, we started in the kitchen baking cookies. As a tradition, I now celebrate with my daughter in the same way, baking cookies!

The most important thing in this life is myself; so it is imperative that I love myself and not worry about not having someone to spend the day with. If Valentine's day was a public holiday, I would make sure that I go out and give myself a treat, pamper, and do anything that would make me feel as good as new. Otherwise, show love to everyone; each person that I come across. For the reason that "I am because we are"; the love I'd give is the love I'd receive.

Valentine's day is all about showing and sharing your love with those you love, for this reason, I would like to use the following tips for survival:

Send text messages to every one I love through phone.
Tell people of the true love of Jesus Christ.
Show people love by giving to those who lack it (i.e. the needy).
Tell people that love is not the same as sex.
Will not be involved in pre-marital sex.
Present a special gift to my fiancee.
It is not for drinking, but to plan how to move forward in life.

Prior to the holiday, think of something you enjoy doing by yourself, with your children or even with a parent. This might include going to a movie, scheduling something with another single (or single parent) friend, participating in certain activities, events or meetings, attending a play or sporting event.

Then make arrangements to do what you have selected. Do not rely upon a "possible" promise to do something by someone else, or wait until the last minute. Making the actual arrangements, buying the tickets in advance, or scheduling to engage in something you want to do will give you a reason to become excited about Valentine's Day.

It will also give you an answer to that famous question "What are YOU doing on Valentine's Day." Your answer will be "I have plans to have a great time doing something I have wanted to do for awhile and have not had the time or money. In fact, I am very excited about the holiday."

Then go out on Valentine's Day with a great attitude, determined to enjoy yourself. Also, remember that being a couple does not ensure happiness - you do that, regardless of your marital status.

Valentine's day is celebrated to show or share love and affection to your love ones (eg. family members, friends etc). As a single person you are prone to certain pressures that come with this occasion and to survive it is a task for the brave and principled individual. This tip depends on me as an individual and my perception about the occasion. To survive valentine's day as a single, I believe that you can make the best out of the occasion.

First you need to happy about being single; there is nothing absolutely wrong with being single, you actually get the chance to be yourself and have fun like the way you want to without restrictions.

Secondly, if valentine is all about showing love to people, why don't you be your own valentine and show yourself some love. You could go to all the wonderful place that you love to go to and treat yourself really good.

Thirdly, just to remind you, you are not the only single person in town so gather all your single pal and hang out together-you do not need to stay at home all alone, If you are a lady, plan and have a party with all your girlfriends and if you are a guy do the same and have fun. You could go to the beach or a club and let the world know that you are not ashamed to being single. THANKS

Valentine's Day Tips

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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