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Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day, Just For You!

If you think that you don't have that special someone on Valentine's Day, you are wrong!  Just look in the mirror and treat yourself to something nice for you!

Pamper yourself...get a manicure/pedicure/massage...always makes me feel better and more confidant! :)

One of the best ways is to babysit for someone else's family! Another couple gets to spend time together, and you're distracted by the children!

Pamper yourself (ie. Spa or whatever you like). Pick out an outfit and hit the club with a few of your single friends

Rent a good movie and make yourself an outstanding meal of something you don't have that often, and put on your most sexy PJ's, light a few candles, and enjoy as if you weren't all alone.

Go out and buy yourself a box of chocolate, rent or watch a movie at home.

Don't put too much emphasis on it :)  Send yourself flowers !

Treat yourself to something special.

Call a single girlfriend and go out to dinner.

Treat yourself once a year to a small bouquet of roses--your favorite color--and put them somewhere where you will enjoy them.  These gorgeous flowers can be enjoyed by anyone, not just sweethearts!

Be happy!

Buy yourself a Valentine card.

Spend the day with your other single friends.

Buy yourself some expensive chocolate and eat it.

Smile at others, maybe somebody will become your valentine.

Don`t fret...  Your not alone. Treat yourself to a special day, spa, supper, and a box of chocolates from you to you...

Maintain a happy mood, enjoy your favorite hobby.

Go out with other single friends like it is any normal night

Don't worry about it, just enjoy yourself anyway.

Enjoy yourself. Find peace with being single. Happiness starts with yourself.

Invite girlfriends to come over with pictures of their exes, and destroy them together.  It's quite liberating.  (And you feel free!)

When I had a significant other, Valentine's Day was never an occasion of love or affection. Even when I was younger, it was not a special day for me.  No flowers; no candy; no card. So I have had 70+ years of regarding Valentine's Day as just another day. Sometimes I buy myself flowers or candy, if I wish to.  Just as nice.

Valentine's Day Tips

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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