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Valentine's Day
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Valentines Day

If you are single and don't have a partner on Valentine's day. It's ok. Start now to find someone. That's what I did. I made an effort to find someone. We've been together almost 5 years now. I started courting her on February 14, 2004. And now we are engaged. I want to share this experience because Valentine's day is very meaningful to me.

Take small Valentine treats to a nursing home.  Find out ahead of time how many ladies and how many men there are, and purchase (or make) accordingly. Even very inexpensive items are appreciated. This is a great way to show love and get your mind off of yourself!

When I was single, what I did for Valentine's Day was, I'd invite all my single friends (male and female) over for dinner and movies.  Being together in this casual atmosphere was relaxing, so we weren't tense or feeling alone.  Plus, it was easy to just be ourselves.

Don't spend it alone, spend it with friends or family. Spoil yourself. rent your favorite movies and pig out on junk food. Invite someone you like, to hang out with you on valentines day. Think of something you can do to keep your mind off of spending Valentine's day alone. Do something that makes you happy. Make the best of Valentine's, even if you are spending it alone.

I get through Valentine's Day with no significant other by spending the day with a friend, who has no significant other. We spend the day shopping, we then go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and end the day buying ourselves a beautiful bouquet of flowers, rent a movie, sip some wine, and all night girl talk until we crash.

Always keep your chin up and never forget that there are plenty of other singles out there. The aura dispersed during Valentine's day is felt by everyone. There are endless amounts of people who also have their eyes open, and I'm sure, that if everyone would come together and follow this tip, Valentine's day will keep its magical value in each and every one of us. Good Luck to you all!

Do not feel bad when you see couples in love on Valentine's day, for this will never bring anyone into your life. Be happy for them! Good feelings are contagious.

Valentine's day doesn't mean a day of celebrating with your significant other, it's about spending the day with the people you love or care about. Have coffee with your mom, or a friend who is also single. It's a nice feeling at the end of the day knowing you spent your Valentine's day with a person you cared about.

My tip for surviving the Valentine's Day holiday is, to spend as much time with family and friends as possible.  Keep in mind that February 14, is a day to celebrate loved ones, not just your significant other.  If you are traveling or live far away, call a good friend or take time to write them a letter through snail mail.  If you don't have anyone to be in touch with, consider visiting a nursing home or finding an online singles chat.

Valentine's Day Tips

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