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Toshiba 50HP95 50-inch Theaterwide Plasma HDTV

Company Overview

Toshiba was founded by the merging of two companies (Tanaka Seizosho) in the year 1939. Toshiba was responsible for a number of Japanese firsts, including radar, the TAC digital computer, transistor television and microwave oven, color video phone, Japanese word processor, MRI system, laptop personal computer, NAND EEPROM, DVD, the Libretto sub-notebook personal computer and HD-DVD.

Product Overview

The Toshiba 50HP95 is a 50-inch, plasma television. Compared to other plasma TVs on the market, the Toshiba 50HP95 is mid priced at around $2,945. In general, a liquid plasma display can output more realistic black-levels than an LCD display can. The Toshiba 50HP95 has a front and rear connector location, which is more favorable than some similarly priced TVs. This television can display images that are sharper and more realistic than regular TVs when connected to a high definition signal.

Product details

  • 50-inch plasma display
  • ATSC and QAM digital television tuners
  • 720p True HD display with built-in speakers and tuner
  • PixelPure AT (Adaptive Technology)
  • Digital Cable ready with CableCARD Slot
  • OmniViewer memory card slot (SD, SM, MS, CF, MM)
  • SoundStrip speaker system
  • TV Guide On Screen interactive program guide
  • 6-item A/V illuminated remote with DVD and audio control
  • HD Window POP
  • Split screen
  • MultiWindow (9)
  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
  • IEEE1394 with DTV link

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