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Tips for Traveling for the First Time with a Young Infant

Traveling with a young infant for the first time can be a daunting task but it does not have to be as scary as some parents expect it will be. By the time a baby reaches three months or age there is no reason why you cannot travel with him or her. Babies are not as fragile as many parents believe them to be and they are not able to walk or run off therefore keeping your baby close to you should not be a problem!

Food and comfort tips

  • If you are breastfeeding your baby then make sure you bring a water bottle for yourself to help keep yourself hydrated during the trip.
  • If you are bottle-feeding then the most convenient thing to bring along for the trip is ready-to-use formula.
  • Make sure you bring a bib for your baby (or a couple) that have a plastic or waterproof coating and is big enough to cover his or her whole front.
  • Pack enough diapers for the trip as well as bags to put dirty diapers in and lotion in case diaper rash develops.
  • In your carry-on bag or in a bag that is easily accessible to you in the car, pack an extra set of clothing for both yourself and your baby in the event that your baby spits up on you or vomits or if a diaper leak occurs.
  • Always have a blanket with you so your baby has a cozy, soft place to lie his or her head down and take a nap or even crawl around or roll on.

Health and safety tips

  • Gather together all of the supplies you need to create a first aid kit to ensure that you can cope effectively with any minor medical problem that takes place on your trip, with either yourself or your baby. If your infant has any prescription medication that he or she needs make sure to pack it. Write out a list of essentials for the first aid kit if you are concerned that you might forget something important. Any over-the-counter drugs that you might need for your baby is important to include in the first aid kit as well.
  • Make sure you have completed an emergency sheet for your baby, which details his or her health information as well as any medication he or she requires. Also include on this sheet all relevant names and telephone numbers of family, friends and doctors.
  • A hat is essential for your baby both in the hot months as well as the cold months. Sunscreen is an essential item as well if you plan to have your infant outside. This is not just the case in the summer but all year long. Apply a sunscreen gingerly to the face and backs of hands of infants who are under six months of age and apply even more to babies who are older than six months. Always buy a sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 and blocks both UVA as well as UVB rays.

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