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How to Deter House Burglars

Is your home a haven for a burglar or are you savvy when it comes to ways to deter a house burglar? The majority of house burglaries are crimes of opportunity and approximately two out of every ten burglaries do not involve the use of force such as breaking a window. Most burglars do not plan ahead to break into homes and instead look for homes that are easy targets.

Take a close look around your home and scrutinize it carefully. Would your home deter a house burglar or would it present an opportunity that would be too good to pass up? If you answered the latter then learn ways to beat the burglar at his own game by increasing security around your home. Do not leave valuables where they can easily be noticed.

Ways to Increase Security at Home  

-When you go anywhere, even if it is just out for a walk or a quick trip to the corner store, lock all of your doors and close all windows in your house.

-Install locks on all of your windows as most burglars will be deterred by the need to break a window.

-Place deadlocks on all of your doors.

-Resist the urge to label your house keys in the event that you lose or misplace them.

-Never hang or leave any of your keys, whether they be house or car keys near a door or window in your home.

-Do not leave spare keys under outdoor plants or mats or in your garage or work shed. In fact do not leave spare keys outside at all. This is an invitation to all would be house burglars.

-Make sure your house is equipped with burglar alarms that are visible to all potential house burglars. As well make sure your home is well lit and equip your yard with security lighted. These are all excellent forms of deterrents to house burglars.

-Never allow shrubs, hedges or bushes to grow so large and thick that they obscure the view of your doors and windows, both in the front and back of your house. Your front door and living room window should be easily visible if you were to stand on the street and look in that direction. Any bushes or hedges that are within four feet of your driveway or your door should be trimmed to a foot or two while anything that is within the range of four to eight feet should be no higher than four feet.

-Always keep your outdoor gates locked and fencing around your home is smart although having huge walls or solid fencing may encourage house burglar because it is easily for them not to be seen by neighbors. A better option is to install chain link fencing and/or trellises and grow prickly bushes and thorny plants where your fences are as well as under all of your windows.

-When you are away on vacation use timers for all of your lights as well as your television and stereo. This makes it seem as if someone is home even when no one actually is.


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