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How to Get Hotel Upgrades  

Staying at a hotel while on vacation is something which many people choose to do when contemplating where to book their accommodations. There are many reasons for the sheer popularity of hotel stays such as amenities, location, restaurants and activities provided by the hotel. Frequently the hotel will have various categories of rooms which can be booked and one can choose from one of the following such as a basic room, suite or luxury accommodations in many hotel chains. For those who wish to pay less and get more, there are ways to obtain hotel upgrades and make the stay that much more enjoyable for all.

Specials Provided by the Hotel

Sometimes a hotel will offer temporary lodging specials where an individual can book a suite for the price of a standard room. This is a way for the hotel to draw more people into their establishment and offer them something in return for their patronage. The best way to find out about hotel specials which provide hotel upgrades for guests is to either call the hotel directly or check out their website prior to booking a stay at the hotel. Hotel upgrades are a nice way to spend a little and get a lot out of your accommodations.

Discounts Associated with Other Companies

Another way to get a hotel upgrade is to check with your current credit card providers, car rental companies and/or organizations for which you are a member to see if they have business relationships with any hotel chains. This is a great way to take advantage of your current status as a credit card holder or member of a club in order to obtain a hotel upgrade while on vacation.

Special Occasions

Some hotels will give special upgrades to guests for a special occasion. A popular special occasion where the guest is treated to such upgrades is in the case of a honeymoon. If a couple is going to be making the hotel reservation for their honeymoon, be sure to mention this fact to the reservation staff upon calling to book the room. The hotel clerk may offer you a free hotel upgrade to a suite or even offer the honeymoon suite for a greatly discounted price. Special occasions are a great way to get hotel upgrades.

Problems with Current or Past Reservations

An additional way in which one may receive hotel upgrades is if their current or past reservations were less than satisfactory for one reason or another. If there was an incident where the guest had stayed at the hotel prior to the current time period and their stay was not up to par, they may be able to finagle a hotel upgrade for the next time that they book a room at that particular establishment.

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