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Making the Best of Your Frequent Flier Miles  

For travelers who do much of their traveling by plane, frequent flier miles are very important. Frequent flier miles are rewards given to travelers who do a good deal of business with a particular airline. The more an individual flies, the more rewards they earn. There are certain tips to keep in mind in order to make the best of our frequent flier miles.

Stick with One Airline

Perhaps the best way to really rack up the frequent flier miles and get those rewards is to fly one airline. This will make it much easier to compile the frequent flier miles and reap the rewards that are offered to the best customers. Even though there will be times when a particular airline does not offer a desired flight, trying to fly with one airline as much as possible is the best way to gain frequent flier miles.

Check Out the Rewards Prior to Signing Up

Another tip for making the best of those frequent flier miles is to review various airline rewards programs prior to signing up with a particular one. Each company will offer their own specific frequent flier mile guidelines and points system. Therefore, it is crucial to review the rewards offered prior to selecting a particular one in that the traveler will be best able to choose the most rewarding airline. One will often find that some airlines are more generous than others when it comes to handing out rewards to their customers.

Know When You Can Collect

It is important to know when you are able to collect your rewards points through a particular frequent flier miles program and receive your benefits. Many airlines will only allow a flier to collect at a certain point in time so it is a good idea to know how many flights you will have to take in order to make use of your frequent flier miles.

Be Mindful of the Expiration of Frequent Flier Miles

Some individuals may believe that frequent flier miles last forever. However, for many airlines this is not the case and there is an expiration date attached to one’s frequent flier miles. For example, some airlines state that if you do not collect your frequent flier miles within two years of signing up, then those frequent flier miles disappear and you have to start all over again with your next flight. It is important to inquire about the expiration date on frequent flier miles and keep this factor in mind when collecting such miles during travel.

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