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Driving vs. Flying to Your Destination  

When making travel plans, there are many factors to consider such as where to go, desired activities, and how to get to the destination. As the time arrives to discuss traveling to the vacation destination, the two main modes of travel are driving and flying. It is important to consider various factors associated with traveling to the vacation spot in order to decide whether driving or flying is the best bet.

Length of Time for Each Mode of Travel

One factor which should be considered is how long it will take to either fly or drive to the destination. Driving takes much longer than flying. If you drive, you can stop at historical landmarks along the way, explore different highways, and take in the scenery.

Accessibility of Vacation Spot

It is also crucial to determine if the vacation spot can be reached by car or plane. Some places are located in remote areas such as on islands. It might be difficult or impossible to reach a remote area by car. For some vacation hotspots, the nearest airport may be hours away.

Amount of Time to Be Spent at Vacation Location

The amount of time which one is going to spend on vacation is another important factor to consider in order to determine whether to drive or fly. If you are going for a weekend trip and the destination is quite a few hours away by car, then flying may be the best decision. However, if the vacation is going to last a month, then perhaps driving might be a good option because you wouldn’t have to worry about paying for a rental car for a long period of time.

Traveling with Children

Things such as the number of children, age of children and behavior on each mode of transportation are important to remember when deciding to drive or fly. For some, driving with children is best. Some people like to fly with their children. Children may also enjoy the plane ride a lot more than if they were stuck in a cramped car for several hours.

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