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Bed and Breakfast vs. Hotels  

Amenities at the Location

One factor to consider when booking a place to stay while on vacation is what type of amenities one is looking for in an establishment. Hotels tend to offer more mainstream amenities that vacationers may want in their accommodations. Some of the most common amenities offered by hotels are room service, maid service, internet access, gym, laundry rooms, jacuzzi, sauna, and tour groups. Bed and breakfast places may not have as many common amenities but they do often have special amenities which one may not normally find in a hotel chain, such as a wine tasting session or complete breakfast included with their stay.

Vacationing as a Couple or Family

Another consideration is whether an individual is going on vacation with a significant other or the entire family. Couples often choose bed and breakfast establishments more frequently than families do. Bed and breakfast establishments are more common among couples because a bed and breakfast is often more quaint and romantic. Hotels are usually much more family-friendly than a bed and breakfast because hotels usually don't frown upon normal levels of noise caused by children. Hotels often provide family-friendly activities to keep children occupied during the stay.

Overall Atmosphere of the Establishment

If a quaint, private, unique atmosphere is desired, then perhaps the bed and breakfast might be the best option. However, if an individual is looking for more amenities, a hotel might be wise.


Cost may help to influence a decision between bed and breakfast establishments and hotels. Bed and breakfast accommodations will probably be more expensive than hotel accommodations.

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