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How to Get Airplane Upgrades  

Sign Up for Rewards Programs

One easy way to obtain airplane upgrades when flying is to belong to an airline’s rewards program. Most airlines have programs of this type where they reward travelers for being loyal customers and flying with their airline as much as possible. The more often that an individual flies with a particular airline, the more rewards or points they are able to collect. Not only can these rewards be used for free flights but they can also be put to good use in the way of airplane upgrades. Upgrades such as coach to first class and coach to business class are among the most popular.

Apply for an Airline Credit Card

Many airlines these days are offering applications for credit cards. These companies team up with credit card companies and present offers to clients in the way of airline rewards. One type of reward that these partnerships offer is airplane upgrades. For a certain amount of money which is spent on this special type of card, the cardholder will be eligible to receive free airplane upgrades and may be able to move their seat from the coach section to first class.

Offer Your Seat on Overbooked Flights

An additional way to possibly get an upgrade on an airplane flight is to offer up your seat to other fliers if the flight is overbooked and the staff is asking for volunteers. Sometimes the staff is so eager to find an open seat that they will ask for seats to be given up and put people on another flight in the first class section. They may offer other attractive incentives as well such as a free roundtrip ticket the next time you fly.

Mention Any Special Occasion

There will be times when a special occasion such as a honeymoon or anniversary will prompt airline staff to bump up your coach class seats to first class ones. This will depend on the airline, the staff and availability of seats but it never hurts to ask. Mentioning a special occasion may be a great way to fly in more luxurious surroundings such as those available to first class passengers.

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