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What to Do if You are Unhappy with Your Personal Trainer

Although hiring a personal trainer is often the best way to make substantial fitness gains, not every trainer/client relationship constitutes a match made in heaven. Some people spend their hard-earned dollars on a trainer and do not see any significant changes on their muscle tone or level of fitness. Others may be getting excellent results, but find themselves offended by the trainer’s drill-sergeant personality. Some trainers may spend half of the session talking about their personal lives. Others are constantly late. Still others might be constantly short-changing their clients in terms of time allotted for the workout. Another factor that might be a turn-off is the trainer who is constantly trying to sell his or her client a vast array of vitamins and nutritional supplements. Additionally, some trainers rest on their laurels and fail to keep updated on fitness research. The client only discovers this when he or she reads an article in a fitness magazine that describes their current routine as being obsolete.

A trainer/client relationship is similar to other types of relationships in that it is difficult to severe, even if it does not meet with your satisfaction. As an old song says “Breaking up is hard to do!” However, when it comes to personal training sessions, we are talking about a considerable amount of money. As we get older, we can’t afford to waste either time or money on sessions which fail to give us the desired results.

If you are unhappy with your trainer but still feel that they have some potential, the best result is a direct approach. If you are not seeing results, this is probably the only approach you can take. On the other hand, if your discontent is related to your trainer’s personal qualities, you may feel uncomfortable confronting them directly. Here are some possible solutions.

If you trainer is constantly late, tell them you have an important appointment at the end of what would have been the scheduled allotted time. Ask to receive a reduced rate for that hour. No trainer enjoys losing money. If your training hour is turning into a psychotherapy session for your trainer, interrupt her ramblings with questions about your fitness routine. Hopefully, she will get the hint. When you read that your fitness program is obsolete, you can casually mention this to your trainer, or leave the magazine open in a strategic place while you prepare for your session. Since the selling of supplements by trainers is legally ambiguous, you might want to simply find a different trainer. The same applies to a drill sergeant or a trainer who constantly uses negative feedback. These personalities are not likely to change. You would be better off choosing a different trainer.

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