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Getting Schooled:  Helping Your Teen Develop Good Study Habits

When teaching your teen about organization, focus on the big ITSinformation, time and space.   If your teen masters these three areas of her life, everything else will fall in place.
The first thing that your teen must organize in order to succeed in school is information.  If possible, have them speak with their teachers before classes start and find out what type of organizational gear he recommends.  If that is not possible, talk with your teen after the first day of school about each class and what type of supplies she needs to organize  her notes, assignments, etc.  Then take them with you to purchase the items, setting aside time that evening to help your teen get organized for each class.

Next, help you teen organize their time.  Discuss each class with them and help them guess how much time they will need to set aside each day to study.  Encourage your teen to find creative ways to work study time into their day, such as recording notes or lectures so they can listen to them while doing something else. Keeping your child motivated includes parental involvement. Suggest that they also keep a book with them at all times, so they can read while waiting for any appointments or practices to start.

Finally, help your teen organize their study space.  Set aside a table or desk that is just for work and help them decorate it to their own tastes.   If it does not have a drawer to hold school supplies, get them appropriate basket to store their gear in.  Also, make sure the study space has an accurate clock and adequate light and that they find their chair comfortable.  Try to find a area that is away from distractions such as music or TV, and encourage then to leave their cell phone in another room.

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