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What is a Pull Buoy?

A pull buoy is a flotation device used for pulling or stroke drills by swimmers in a practice. When used as a training aid, pull buoys produce little extra drag, and provide resistance training by prohibiting the legs from kicking.

Pull buoys are widely used by swimmers to provide resistance and isolate the pull. They are particularly useful for triathletes.

Why use a Pull Buoy?

Pull buoys are great training devices. When used properly, they increase the resistance in the water and inhibit the use of the swimmer's lower body, causing the swimmer to exercise the muscles of the upper body in moving through the water.

Pull buoys are widely used by swimmers to provide resistance and isolate the pull. They help to strengthen your upper body and arms by eliminating the kick propulsion, while keeping your lower body elevated in the water enough to keep good swimming posture. Pull buoys are great training devices for tri athletes.

Types of Pull Buoys?

There are several types of pull buoys. The most common type of pull buoy has two Styrofoam cylinders attached with thin nylon rope or strap looped through two holes in each cylinder. The adjustable rope permits the swimmer to adjust the space between the two cylinders to properly fit their legs.

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