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Tempo Trainer

What is a Tempo Trainer?

A tempo trainer is a small electronic device that transmits an audible beep to help develop consistency of stroke/cycle/stride rate. It also identifies and distinguishes between optimal training and race paces.

A tempo trainer acts as a personal pace coach. It is designed to elevate training and maximize performance. The tempo trainer is quickly becoming the standard training tool that elite coaches are consistently using to improve their athletes abilities.

How does the Tempo Trainer Help Improve your Swimming?

The tempo trainer will provide feedback on your distance per cycle and cycle rate. This information can be used to improve the quality and intensity of your desired workout.

Can the Tempo Trainer be used in Sports other than Swimming?

Yes. The tempo trainer can be used in cycling and running.Tempo trainers are also recommended for triathletes.

Features to look for?

  • Adjustable Frequency Rate
    • Fast intervals.
    • Slow intervals.
  • Chin Strap
  • Modules
    • Scrolls in hundredths of a second from 0.20 seconds to 9.99 seconds.
    • Scrolls in seconds from 10 seconds to 9.59 minutes.
  • Color
  • Clip attachment
    • Clip allows attachment to anything from goggles to bike helmet.
  • Price

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