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What are Swim Fins?

Swim fins tools used by swimmers to improve kick strength, ankle flexibility, body position, and speed. Swim fins will also increase your cardiovascular conditioning by working the muscles of your whole leg.

Improved ankle flexibility develops from the extra force the fins place on your ankle as you kick. Increased ankle flexibility will result in a more efficient flutter kick through better angles of attack on the water.

Swim fins will help you hold a better body position. Better body position will allow you to focus on other parts of your technique, such as body roll or timing.

Swim fins, also called swim flippers.


There is an official sport called Fin-swimming. Fin-swimming has competitive events where athletes wear single bladed fin and race either under or at the surface for various distances.

Features to look for?

  • Softness of material
    • Softer materials is great for people who are new to short flipper kicking or people who have a less efficient kick.
  • Location of blade
  • Shape of fin
  • Length of fin
    • Short or small bladed fins allow you to maintain a foot speed closer to your regular kicking speed with no fins.
  • Material (foam, rubber)
  • Permanent color
    • Non permanent colors can discolor decks or pool surfaces.
  • Fin boot (offers additional stability)
  • Fastenings
  • Adjustable foot pocket
    • Reduces cramping while stretching your ankle.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

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