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Water Tools

  • Buoyancy belt
    • A buoyancy belt offers lower back support while in the water. It is essential for keeping you afloat during deep water running.
    • Some high-end buoyancy belts will buoyancy evenly around the body.
  • Elastic tether
    • With an elastic tether, you hook yourself up to the side of the pool or workout buddy and then run away from your friend or side of the pool for added resistance.
    • Tethers are also used as a protective device. They are used to clip your safety harness to a boat.
  • Hand buoys/Fitness barbells
    • Hand buoys are great for upper-body strength moves. They are like dumbbells but with foam discs at each end.Hand buoys can be used in deep and shallow water.
    • Hand buoys come in many designs and sizes.
  • Water shoes
    • Water exercise shoes are shoes that are designed to give you stability and keep you from slipping when your feet are wet.
    • Good water shoes will drain and dry quickly, grip on wet and slippery surfaces, and keep your feet safe from bumps and bruises.
  • Webbed gloves
    • Webbed gloves provide resistance for upper-body moves. They also help improve balance.

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