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Pool Safety

A swimming pool in the yard can be very dangerous for children. Use the tips below to keep your water activities safe.

Water Safety Tips

  • Learn CPR.
  • Make sure your baby-sitter knows CPR.
  • Teach your children to swim.
  • Never leave young children unattended, even for a minute, in a bathtub, swimming pool, lake, ocean, or stream.
    • If you must leave the pool area because of doorbells, phone calls, chores or conversations, take the child with you, and make sure the pool gate latches securely when it closes.
  • Fence all home pools and keep the gate closed and locked.
  • Remove all toys, tricycles from the vicinity of the pool.
  • Always wear life preservers when boating.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol when swimming or boating.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Teach your children good pool or spa safety habits.
  • Never dive into water unless you know beforehand how deep it is.
  • Know your limits. Do not over-exert yourself.
  • Avoid standing on wet surfaces or being in water during a lightening storm.
  • Keep lifesaving equipment, such as a pole, life preserver and rope - in the pool area.
  • Stay out of strong currents.
  • Do not overload your boat. If your boat turns over, stay with the boat until help arrives.
  • Encourage your neighbors to follow pool safety guidelines.
  • Teach your children the most effective way to get out of the pool or spa quickly.
  • Do not allow glass in the pool or spa area.

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