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Rash Guard

What is a Rash Guard?

A rash guard is a tightly-fitted garment specifically designed to prevent rashes on the upper body while surfing. Rash guards can be worn as an inner or outer layer. They provide minimal warmth. If wearing a wet suit and a rash guard, wear the rash guard under the wet suit.

Finding a Rash Guard that are Best for You

The first step in finding a rash guard that suits you is to determine your needs.

Once you determine your needs, you can start looking for a rash guard that meet your needs.

Make sure you try on different sizes, brands, and models.

Rash Guard Features

There are many types of rash guards. For optimal surfing, or body boarding, it is very important to find a rash guard that best suits you.

Some features to consider:

  • Material
    • nylon
    • Lycra
  • Flat stitching
  • Weight
  • UV ray protection
  • Long sleeve or short sleeve
  • Coverstich hems
  • Collar
  • Flexibility

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