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Learning to Surf?

If you want to learn how to surf, it is best to go to a 'surfing school' and take lessons. Lessons are often available in groups or one-on-one instruction.

Instructors will often teach you how to surf on a beginner's surfboard. A beginner's surfboard is a surfboard is very thick, wide, and is made out of foam. A beginner's surfboard is made out of foam to help reduce injury.

How to find a good Surf School and Instructor?

Surfing schools should be permitted, licensed and insured. Most surf schools will provide wetsuits, rash guard, and beginner's surf boards.

Instructors should be professionally trained, and be CPR certified. Throughout your surfing lessons, your instructor should will be with you at all times to guide you through the process of learning to catch and ride your own waves.

Some schools will guarantee that you'll get up on your first surf lesson.

During your surfing lessons, some of the things you will be taught are:

  • safety
  • right-of-way and surf etiquette
  • surf break awareness
  • paddling skills
  • how to push through waves
  • stand up techniques
  • stance
  • riding

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